Important education update 24/2/2022

- The standard of award has been kept, the authors must provide their bank account details such as bank account number, name and branch of both, IFSC number and mobile number etc.  -Telekh will be fully responsible for Lekhnalal.  Don't assume that Bagdath's idea in the article is GCERT, Advisory Board, Minister, Minister or Editor's Board.  

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 Dhoran 9 to 12 ekam kasoti aayojan babat gr

According to the above subject and context, in the case of Jai, it should be mentioned that the question papers of the first unit test have been sent by the Board to all the District Education Officers on 17/06/2071 through password protected file.  It has come to the notice of some channels that a solution of question papers has been posted on social media two days before the test by abusing it.

 What is insurance?  

What is insurance?  Technically, it is a form of risk management in which the insured entity transfers the cost of potential loss to another entity in exchange for a small financial return.  This compensation is called as premium.  In simple terms, it is like paying a lump sum to an entity to protect yourself from future potential losses.  

 11/3/2021 NI ALL UPDATE 

Textbook writing is a sacred writing because power, cost, etc. are used as required.  The pre-textbook is not a 'guide' but a 'Gita'.  Saurashtra University, Rajkot continues to hold in-service programs at regular intervals for retired professors and chairpersons, Shikshanshastra Bhavan, to enable teachers even after in-service training. 

 10/3/2021 HOME LEARNING

How many years and how many studies should be done to evaluate the whole textbook?  This type of student (as well as other consumers) will receive suggestions from the study research study specifically to make it a source necessary to make certain improvements.  

 10/3/2021 HOME LEARNING

Authors trained in this phase carry out the primary writing task of the textbook corresponding to the syllabus of the respective subject and its educational objectives.  Preparing predefined matters according to each chapter in simple language 3.2 Review and second form writing.