Ganit no koyado ukelo javab melvo

Ganit no koyado ukelo javab melvo

Is required.  Parent-liaison work Teachers often have the opportunity to communicate with parents at the time of student enrollment and annual results, which is not enough.  The teacher who understands the child’s family background in different contexts tries to have regular and intensive contact with his parents. 

 They know the method of involving the parents in the complete development of the child.  And in this way he wins the trust of the parents with his behavior and creates a healthy environment for the child at home.  Only teachers who understand this context and are able to maintain a dynamic relationship and closeness with parents can play their role broadly.  

Such teachers also receive due respect and esteem from parents as well as the community.  Community work The cooperation of parents as well as the cooperation of the community is equally important for the effective running of the school.  

The community can provide the school with a variety of resources in the form of staff as well as materials.  And once such tools are available, they continue to contribute to quality school activities.  Once this process begins quickly, the mutual cooperation between the teachers and the community is very helpful in developing a strong link between performance and capacity in line with the overall commitment of the teacher.  

An art of life - j.  Krishnamurti The true teacher is rich on the inside and that is why he does not want anything for himself;  It is not ambitious to seek power in any way.  It does not use education as a tool to gain power or degree and hence is free from the pressure of society as well as the power of government.  Is free from civil pressure as well as from government power. 

 Such teachers have the first place in the sacramental society, because That not on engineers and craftsmen but on teachers who are the basis of true culture.  The true teacher is deep and truly religious.  It does not belong to any sect or sect.  He is free from beliefs and actions, because he understands that they are all illusions, waves, of his own mind.

  There are superstitions.  He also understands that the truth or God is experienced only when science and therefore the state of liberation comes.  Those who do not have university degrees often choose good teachers because AOs are willing to experiment.  Not being an expert himself, he is interested in understanding life and gaining knowledge;  For a true teacher, education is not a method, it is an art of his life.  

Ganit no koyado ukelo javab melvo


 Like a true artist, he prefers to starve rather than give up his work.  No one should become a teacher unless there is such a burning desire to teach.  Hence the teacher's business |  Is a means of earning a living.  No one should choose that business.  It is very important to know whether you have the gift or not.